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Celebrate the most beautiful moments in a beautiful setting; surrounded by dear people, sun and sea. We’ll create a boat tour according to your wishes: in agreement with the captain you choose the place and duration of the trip. Leave everything else to us and enjoy creating memories!

5 days

18+ Age


Best Deals

Team building
Various excursions and activities according to the group’s wishes, for an unforgettable experience and a break from work.
Yoga retreat
Boat rental for yoga events; sailing to locations of your choice suitable for yoga practice and swimming, preparation of vegan and/or vegetarian dishes on board.
School trips
Educational and fun routes that will provide children with an irreplaceable experience of staying at sea and in the fresh air, with rich contents and entertainment.
Bicycle tours
Disembarkation of cyclists and bicycles at the starting point, boarding at another by arrangement (e.g. bicycle paths on Rab or Lun-Novalja on Pag).
Olive grove Lun

Sail to a neighboring island of Pag and visit millennial wild olive trees, the oldest olive trees in the world.

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Value for Money
Sean West

Sean West

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Sam Smith

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Roger Brooks

Roger Brooks

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Carl Moore

Carl Moore

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